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Old-time tintype photography makes a comeback

Tintype photography, an old-time way of taking photos, is making a comeback.

At Evoke tintype photography in Revere, they are able to provide the magic and wonder of photography from the 1800's.

"To be able to show people, walk them through this process that they've never seen before and probably never even been in a darkroom, it's just amazing," Evoke's Maureen Feeley told WBZ-TV.

They're creating one-of-a-kind photographs that last for a lifetime. The chemical process and the lighting are the keys.

"The pictures (have) a very magical, silver kind of hue to them and they're so sharp and crisp, there isn't a digital camera made today that can get you as grain-free a photo as a tintype is," said Evoke photographer Dave Caramello.

You would never know that this was first invented in 1851, but now armed with a Deardorf camera, Dave and Maureen are making art, one flash at a time.

"To see an image of a person that's just in pure silver and light, that's all it is, it's a magical experience," Feeley said.

They are absolutely correct. This is not just a simple photo. It's an emotional one. That when it's done you are left stunned. The pictures have to be perfect because there are no negatives.

"There hasn't been one person that's come to the studio that didn't walk away just mesmerized and enthralled by the process," Caramello said.

"To watch their face, when they emerge in the (photo) fixer bath, everyone's just blown away by it," Feeley told WBZ.

Source: CBS Boston

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