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Ask Dee Dee Sharp about Airbnb's latest Mash Potato!

Photo: Airbnb YouTube

Booking a hyper-specific holiday home has never been easier thanks to Airbnb’s new ‘Categories’ feature. The four new spots, developed by Airbnb’s in-house creative team, highlight its biggest change to the vacation rental platform in a decade.

Introduced in June, the tool siphons Airbnb’s 20,000 rentable properties by their unique features into several different Categories, such as ‘OMG!,’ ‘Amazing pools,’ ‘Design’ and ‘Caves.’

“This innovative product – and what it can unlock for consumers – is the inspiration for our campaign,” said Scott Trattner, vice-president of creative at Airbnb.

Each spot highlights a different category. ‘OMG!,’ for example, follows a mother and young daughter who leave the big city of Chicago for a getaway in the heart of potato country – specifically in a big potato in Idaho. The OMG! factor comes in when the duo notices the property’s giant above-ground tuber. Mashed Potato Time, a 1962 oldie from teenybopper songstress Dee Dee Sharp, plays throughout the heartfelt ad.

Source: Airbnb

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