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CVS will pay the 'pink tax' and dropping prices on its tampons

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CVS will reduce prices on its store-branded menstrual products nationwide and pay the sales taxes on those products in a dozen states.

Starting Thursday, CVS will drop prices by 25% on CVS Health and Live Better tampons, menstrual pads, liners and cups.

The chain last week also began paying sales taxes for customers on period products in 12 states - Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia. CVS said it cannot cover the taxes in other states that levy them due to laws preventing third parties from paying taxes on a customer's behalf.

Dr. Padmini Murthy, the global health lead for the American Medical Women's Association, commended CVS, but said the company should go a step further and reduce prices on all of the menstrual products it sells.

"This move will highlight their commitment to addressing women's health and pave the way for reducing menstrual inequity," Murthy said in an email to CNN, "and not just to promote the use of CVS products."


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